Sunday, February 23, 2014

Visualize Disneyland Star Wars Land with this S.W Wilson Map

Not so long ago our good friends of Mice Age reported the attractions being considered for converting Disneyland Tomorrowland to a Star Wars-themed area. S.W Wilson did a great map to visualize how this Star Wars land could look like IF what was announced by Mice Age is right. It includes the Endor Forest and the speeder bike ride ( where stands right now Autopia and the Submarine Lagoon ), The Cantina Restaurant, the Millennium Falcon sits atop the old Starjets platform, as rumored, and more. 

Have a look at the map and then jump to his site HERE for more explanations about this map.

Picture: copyright S.W Wilson


Anonymous said...

Great work! Amazing detail. Must have taken a lot of time. If there is in fact a Star Wars layover for Tomorrowland, I hope it ends up something like this.

However, the fan community is really getting their hopes up for nothing. Mice Age has become one of the most unreliable sites lately. They seem to just throw out rumors or things they want Disney to do. They throw everything at the wall, hoping something will stick. Until Disney gives us indication that they are going to do it, I am not going to be to concerned with Star Wars Land.

Primogen said...

I read Mice Age daily, and the only big "rumor" about Disneyland I can recall was posted about a year ago saying that the Submarine Ride and Autopia would likely be removed in favor of a Speederbike ride, as well as some kind of Star Wars makeover of Disneyland. Since then, the subs have indeed closed down but other plans were put on hold due to the FastPass plus money hole. So, I'm not sure where the comment above comes from.

Anonymous said...

The Matterhorn/subs/Autotopia area is classic. They would be stupid to mess with it. But Disney has done a lot of stupid things lately.

K. Martinez said...

So where's the Tomorrowland train station? Are they going to eliminate train stops in Tomorrowland?

The footprint of the motorbike launch coaster looks rather large. You could practically fit Big Thunder, Matterhorn and Space Mountain into that area. You'd think the coaster layout could be tightened up a bit to allow for more efficient use of space so another attraction could be shoehorned or layered in there.

In addition, the lack of water in the design is a turn off as is the elimination of more kinetic energy by pushing the Monorail and Orbitor off to the side and being confined to a small portion of Tomorrowland. I don't like it.

Ironically the most interesting thing here is the Nordic village and Frozen.

Anonymous said...

It's terrible, I hate it. Big Thunder Ranch is getting replaced with a Stagecoach themed dark ride? Never. They are going to replace that area with a brand new land with will connect to Toontown. Pooh getting replaced with "Tales of the Forest Dark Ride"? NOPE. A frozen dark ride? Nope. A Pedestrian bridge to connect Main Street to Tomorrowland? Why? Where will the parade go? This artwork is nice, but I glad this guy isn't an Imagineer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to think about Star Wars in Anaheim.

Heard from a friend at Lucasfilm that they're thinking about and discussing with Imagineering a Star Wars land in the parking lot west of DCA in order to drive more traffic to DCA, and that construction will begin in early 2016.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see more of the original monorail path remain. Just remove the current "inner loop" and have the path returning from Downtown Disney go directly to toward the barn switch, and along the existing path with the view of Small World and around the Matterhorn. It could then proceed to a new station near Space Mtn, as shown. And, I agree that we don't need the Tomorrowland railroad station.