Thursday, February 20, 2014

When WED Enterprises Became Walt Disney Imagineering, 28 Years Ago...

28 years ago WED Enterprises, the company founded in 1952 by Walt changed its name and became "Walt Disney Imagineering". All this week and the next one Disney and more will pay tribute to WDI Imagineers and it started with the two parts article on the Epcot Africa pavilion, the second part being now on line below. And there is more tribute to WDI Imagineers coming soon!

Picture: copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

Imagineering originally was used by Alcoa in the 1940's where they combined Imagination with Engineering. When WED Enterprises was formed in 1952 by Walt Disney, Imagineering was adopted as well as it described perfectly what WED was doing. To be a Graduate of WED Enterprises is to be like a Graduate of Chouinard Art Institute, where many Imagineers came from and are now Disney Legends.