Monday, February 17, 2014

More About Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience Ride !

New details about the awaited Iron Man Experience ride that will open at Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrowland in 2016! Some months ago, a presentation of the ride was done at the Hong Kong legislative council - you probably remember that teh Hong Kong Government is the biggest shareholder of HKDL with 52% of the shares so this explain why each project has to be submit to the HK council - and a fan had the good idea to took some screenshots of what was shown on the TV screens. 

It started by a view of the rendering that we know showing the new area...

But the next one was more interesting. As you know Iron man Experience will be a simulator ride - like Star Tours but with the latest generation of simulator - and some of you wondered how will be designed the simulator as obviously it can't have the same look than Star Tours' Starspeeder. Although it appeared a bit on the poster released at the announcement - that you can see on the top - here is a picture showing how it will look precisely with a photo of the model that was shown during the meeting.

Also shown during the legislative council session a series of storyboards renderings, some more explicit than others... this one showing Iron Man flying over cars...

...or this one in which he apparently fight with the ride villains.

What we don't know yet is if this Iron Man ride will have only one movie or 2, 3, or 4 movies to be shown randomly in the simulator like in the new Star Tours. But to be sure of that, i'm afraid we'll have to wait until 2016!

Pictures: copyright Disney

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