Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Hundred and Twenty Frank Frazetta Paintings !

I've posted on the D&M Facebook page a big gift for you for this week-end. We had plenty of Disney news all the week, so here is something different but those who love artwork - and i mean gorgeous artwork - should be in heaven as it is 120 paintings of the master of all masters : Frank Frazetta.

If you don't know Frazetta you have to know that he was one of the greatest illustrator of the second part of last century and, most of all, the master of heroic fantasy artwork. He did hundreds of artworks for different magazines and comics of the 60's - 70's and was famous for his covers for Creepy and Eerie magazines. A  true master in oil painting, no one painted the bodies like Frank Frazetta. It's a universe of sword and sorcery - but he did illustrate also some sci-fi ( you have in the folder some that he did for Buck Rogers ) and also Tarzan, Conan, and more... Frazetta had a HUGE influence on many artists and movie directors, and there has been literally a "before" and "after" Frazetta in the heroic fantasy world. Go ahead, and discover HERE these 120 fantastic Frazetta paintings which also include some self-portraits of Frazetta himself.

Picture: copyright Frank Frazetta

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