Friday, March 7, 2014

Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain will reopen on March 17! Edited with new video !

It's official! Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain, the wildest ride in the wilderness will reopen on March 17,  and new dazzling efffects are expected in the third lift! In the meantime check this video that Disney Parks put on line tonight!

Edited: That's it, thanks to Mouse Planet we have the first full ride video of the refurbished Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. It shows the new effects and i'll be curious to have your opinion about them... I like the flying bats projection effect ( at the start ) and in the final lift the moving dynamite spark effect is pretty cool too but i'm not sure the falling rocks projection effect is better than the previous real shaking rocks... There is for me something which is missing in that final scene, at least from what i can see in this video...  But someone said that the video skips the final explosion and also that it's better to seat between row 10 and 12 to enjoy the full effects of the final lift... Anyway, have a look!

Video: copyright Disney, Mouse Planet


Anonymous said...

There's a full ride video on youtube showing the new fx.

Anonymous said...

Now fix the yeti in Expedition Everest!