Thursday, March 6, 2014

Captain America : The Winter Soldier 4 Min Clip Preview !

A 4 min preview of Captain America : The Winter Soldier has been released, with plenty of new footage you haven't seen before, and you have it below. It's strange that they choose this clip which is okay but with nothing especially exciting. And if you're french it's even worse as the bad guys are obviously french - or at least they speak french - and what they're saying is... how could i say... flat? lame? They would have wanted to destroy the excitement about this movie they couldn't have done it better...The Black Widow poster above is more exciting than these 4 minute clip - no kidding, folks...

By the way, talking about Scarlett Johansson, i don't know if you've read the post of Mark Hickson  but she's pregnant and her surprise pregnancy might delay the filming of Avengers : Age of Ultron in which she plays, of course... more about this on Disney by Mark HERE.

Anyway, have a look at this clip!

Picture and video: copyright Marvel

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