Friday, March 7, 2014

DLP WDS Ratatouille Ride Opening on July 15 ?

The Belgium press group Sud Presse has published a full page article about the highly awaited WDS Ratatouille ride, saying that the attraction will open on July 15! Although no official announcement has been done yet, chances are that the date is right. July 15 is just one day after July 14, France national day and there was a rumor recently saying it will open on July 14. And considering that Ratatouille will be the most "french" of all DLP attractions there will be a certain logic that they open the ride at that time. But of course, if they have technical issues during the tests the opening date could change. But this July 15 date could be the date for the "official grand opening", meaning that we'll have probably soft-openings before and a recent rumor announced them for the last week of June!

Picture: copyright Diney, Sud Presse, DLRP Express

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