Saturday, June 14, 2014

Amazing DLP Fans Unofficial Video Ad for WDS Ratatouille Ride !

Johan Souply is a Disneyland Paris fan who, with the collaboration of Stéphane Krawcyk and Tom Berry as well as dozens of extras did the fantastic unofficial Ratatouille Ad video that you will see below. The video is so amazingly well done that it's hard to think it was done by DLP fans - specially considering they didn't had access to shots from the ride itself - as they've succeeded to do something as professional as it would have been if it was done by DLP communication team. I don't say this very often, and i even think that it's the first time i say it! Watch first the video and there is more to say about it after.

If you've already watched the video you've seen how good it is. Not only it is almost 100% perfect technically speaking but there is not one stock shot in it. Every scene was filmed on location at the Walt Disney Studios, and Johan and his team added more filming with green screen, added then in the shots filmed at the WDS. Not to mention a digital recreation of the new land as well as the WDS and DLP for the final scenes! And what's even better is that all this is done with emotion, the right music on each scene, etc... as the making-of video below will show you.

One of Johan's dream is apparently to work at DLP and i have to say that if they don't hire him after seeing this video there is something which is going wrong somewhere... Anyway, Johan and his team are really talented and i predict to them a bright future!

Monday afternoon DLP should release the first official Ad for Ratatouille so stay tuned on D&M as i'll embed it here as soon as available!

Videos: copyright Johan Souply

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Thorsten said...

This is the best fanmade trailer of all times.