Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shanghaî Disneyland TRON Coaster Update

A short post about Disneyland TRON coaster thanks to a video which is originally a short interview of a Senior Engineer at Shanghaî Center For City Construction Design. You'll learn why Shanghaî Disneyland turned to Grundfos for flood control to help protect the theme park and visitors long after the 2015 opening.

But the part that will interest you are these few seconds of shooting at the start when they've filmed the TRON Lightcycle coaster during its construction a few months ago. You have above a screen capture showing the whole TRON site. Then, they do a closer shot with a short horizontal travelling on the track itself and i did an edit of three screen captures showing the whole shot. Click on these two picture to see them in big size.

Here is the video for those interested by seeing the whole interview, in chinese with subtitles in english.

I have to thanks a lot Daniel, a faithful D&M reader, who sent me the link of the video. But Daniel also just returned from a trip to China and was in Shanghai on June 1st. He rode the Maglev train that runs north of the Shanghaî Disneyland Resort and captured these pictures which turned out decent for going at 270 mph. He could see a lot of tower cranes over the site and the castle is beginning to rise as you'll see in the pictures. He also could see the Tron coaster which is now fully covered. He even could see the track inside, but none of the pictures he got captured it, probably because he was too far and the Maglev train was going too fast.

On the first one below ( definitely click to enlarge the picture ) you'll see in the background SDL castle rising.

On this next one you'll see the whole site with the TRON coaster on the right.

And this last one shows a closer shot on the TRON coaster structure.

Thanks a lot to Daniel for these pics!

Pictures: copyright Daniel Kiser

Video: copyright Grundfos Pumps

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