Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday's Rumors !

Sunday's rumors! : The Adult Side of Disney learned this week "that early in 2015 the American Idol Experience will close. Now it has been confirmed that Disney will also be closing the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at the end of 2014. It is thought that both closures will create room for the Star Wars additions coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is expected that Disney will be making formal announcements within the next few months. Rumor is that the Star Wars attractions will spread out and fill the entire Echo Lake corner and more. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2015."

In addition to these news stronger than ever rumors are saying that Epcot Norway's Maelstrom will close early 2015 and will reopen in 2016 with a brand new Frozen attraction. The Maelstrom post show will close too.

More about this Indy stunt show closure rumor on Disney by Mark HERE.

Edited 6 / 17: Good news as Disney management has confirmed to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular cast and crew that the rumors of the show’s closure are not true. Only the American Idol show will close down in January 2015.


Cameron Thomas said...

Yes, Idol will close it's doors, the licensing contract is up. that and it doesn't get enough people attending it...

As far as I'm aware I've not heard anything about Indy closing from people who work in the parks, I doubt it will close because a lot of people still do attend the show and there are no current concrete plans for a star wars land anytime soon due to the $2 billion dollars it cost for the screw up that was my magic plus.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news (rumors)!
American Idol was totally lacked of interest for an overseas visitor (that's my case) and about Indy... I love Indy IP, but I was terribly disappointed with the Stunt Show at DHS. The show is boring, the stops are endeless and it look quite outdated. Indiana deserves a much better representation in Orlando. Something similar (or even better!) to the TDs dark ride. Even Temple du Peril would be an improvement!

Iván Jiménez

K. Martinez said...

It was bad enough that Disney strayed from Walt's original vision of EPCOT as a planned community, but now it's even strayed from it's 1982 vision as "EPCOT Center". Talk about watered down. Now it's just becoming another redundant Disney park with no strong central theme or idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a Frozen attraction: anything that popular needs one, and I'm glad to see Disney finally moving at a quick pace like they did in the 80s/90s. Yet I agree with K. Martinez: build it elsewhere, in MK or the Studios. It doesn't belong at Epcot. Well maybe it does, World Showcase is starting to feel like a giant themed food court with drunks stumbling around. Very Disney.