Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two Great Updates Today, and One Question For You !

Editor's Note: I've got two great updates today for you! The first one is about Universal Orlando Diagon Alley and the second is the last pictorial update about the WDS Ratatouille ride before the official press event next Sunday! Go ahead, scroll down!

Also, I have an important question for those of you going each day on the  D&M Facebook page: did you had any problem to access it since the last 24 hours? The reason why i ask you this is because i've noted a decrease of the number of visitors for each post since yesterday. And this happened since i've let a pretty harsh comment on the official Facebook page where one can leave comments about the new layouts ( that i hate, as you know ). They obviously didn't liked the comment as they've deleted it. But as they have the possibility to know from who it was coming from i'm wondering if they're trying to have a revenge in a way or another or if the decrease of visitors is simply because yesterday's posts were less interesting for you. Don't get me wrong, i'm not running after having as many visitors as possible on the D&M Facebook page, i'm just trying to find the truth in all this. So, thanks to let me know if you've noticed any problem to access the Facebook page, or not!


Dominique Mol ( said...

no problems reaching your website yesterday evening, this morning, afternoon and evening as far as I am concerned.


Alain Littaye said...

Thanks, Dominique, glad to know but i'm talking about the D&M Facebook page, not the website itself.

Anonymous said...

No probs here in belgium, still seeing them on facebook
Greetz gert

Dominique Mol ( said...

Ah yes, sorry
Well something seems to have changed for me,
I didn;t receive any updates and checked it out, I could see the page, and it still said I was following your page,but I did notice I had to activate the notifications again!!

Jens Nissen said...

Hi Alain,

I did not see any of the updates on my Facebook page either. I had to go to your page on my own, so, yes, it seems Facebook isn't being very nice to you :(

Hope you're well!