Thursday, June 19, 2014


O-Kay, Thanks to faithful D&M readers i think we know what is happening on the D&M Facebook page. As i told you, since i left a pretty harsh comment about the new layouts i've noticed a decrease of visitors for each Facebook posts. Many people told me that they could still access to the D&M Facebook page BUT NOTICED THAT THEY DON'T RECEIVE ANYMORE NOTIFICATIONS FOR EACH NEW POSTS. I strongly suspect that the Facebook guys decided to have a revenge by canceling notifications to everyone who subscribed and asked to received notifications when a new post is posted on the D&M Facebook page. 

Now, very important: here is what you have to do: on the top of the Facebook page click on the "Like" icon and ask again to "receive notification" as well as "subscribe" on the right if any changes have been done. If you don't do it, chances are that you won't be notified again when there is a new post. Also, please note that i ALWAYS post five different posts each day, except if i say explicitly that i won't be able to do it. So, whether you receive or not notifications, just come and check the new posts as there will be new ones!

If after having asked to receive again notifications you don't receive them, write to Facebook and ask them to do it right NOW! LIFE is a fight, a fight for freedom, and a fight against any kind of fascism, including corporate fascism who don't respect your own choice. 

And by the way, all this reveal the respect that Facebook have for his one billion members as not only they can decide to change the layouts of the page without asking our opinion or give us the choice, BUT also they can decide to delete your OWN preferences on your favorite page. Remember this, folks.
This message will be posted each evening after i've posted the last post of the day until the traffic will be back as it was before this infamy on the D&M Facebook page. 

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Jones said...

Yes, life is a fight - my personal strategy is not to team up with the ememy, in this case facebook - I simply do not use them in any way...