Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fantastic Diagon Alley Videos Reveal the Stunning Theming of New Harry Potter Land

The press event of Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando is now over and some great videos appeared on Youtube. Always no videos, though, of the Escape to Gringotts ride as it was forbidden to film. That said, The Diz did a fantastic and professional quality video showing the whole land, including the dragon breathing fire at the top of Gringotts bank!

You'll note on all the videos below the amazing theming of Diagon Alley, and honestly, i can't believe they've succeeded to build this whole land as well as the two rides with such stunning theming in a year and a half only...

Next is another great video from Inside the Magic showing Knockturn Alley, the "dark side" of Diagon Alley, always in the dark, day or night!

Last but not least, always from The Diz a video of the "three brothers" show which has some charm as it is done with an ancient style. I'm sure that during Shakespeare days street shows were done like this!

Don't miss too the great Mice Age update HERE with literally dozens of pictures of the land as well as short videos including the one below showing the effect inside Kings Cross station of "going through the wall" to access to platform 9 3/4! A pure "pepper ghost" effect very well done.

Same perfection with the Gringotts bank Audio-Animatronics goblins as you'll see on the video below.

Finally, one more for the road with this new Universal videos showing the trip inside Hogwarts Express between Hogsmeade and London with James and Oliver Phelps, the two actors playing the Weasley  Brothers in the films.

A press event is following another one and i give you appointment tomorrow Sunday for  a Live Blog from the Ratatouille press event at the Walt Disney Studios! Don't miss it!

Picture: copyright Universal Studios

Videos: copyright The Diz, Inside the Magic, Mice Age, Universal Studios

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