Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Ratatouille Ride Making-Of Pictures !

The French magazine Les Echos was invited at WDI and posted an interesting article about Ratatouille, including never seen before pictures of the making of the ride. You can read the article HERE but the text is in french so if you don't read french ask Google Translate to translate the page. Above, an early concept-art for the ride vehicle. Click on each pictures to see them in big size.

Below, inside WDI, an Imagineer showing the model of the Ratatouille area.

On the next picture, Erma Yazzie, a wonderful WDI sculptor, with the model of the fountain located at the center of the land.

Below, a close-shot on the small Remy's head sculpture.

On location at the WDS, the giant fruits and sausages that guests will see in the "cold room" during the ride.

Always inside the show building, the arrival of one of the giant kitchen props installed in the ride.

A "Ratmobile" vehicle, in a scene close to the end of the ride.

Outside the show building, the arrival of the giant Gusteau sign.

The giant Gusteau sign being put in place on the top of a building roof.

I remind you that you have an appointment on Disney and more this Sunday starting around 1pm local time in Paris for a Live Blog all day during the press event of the Ratatouille ride, don't miss it!

Pictures: copyright Disney

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