Thursday, July 17, 2014

Special " 101 " ! Technical Problems on Ratatouille, Transformers, Forbidden Journey, and more

Technical problems happen all the time in all rides around the world, Disney or not and most of the time no one is really to blame except the technology. In the old days, when rides technology was more simple than it is now the ride didn't had to stop because a POTC Audio-Animatronic was not working, for instance. But now, with the trackless vehicles, projection effects and more it seems that having a "101" the code for technical problem on a ride may happen more often.

Just a few days ago some "101" happened on WDS Ratatouille ride and Universal Orlando Transformers and D&M has videos about them for you,  always interesting as it allows to show the rides with the lights on. Let's start by the one of Ratatouille which happened when Max, D&M collaborator, and DLP Welcome webmaster was precisely riding... and filming "when suddenly something went terribly wrong" as they say (!) No one was hurt of course and WDS cast-members did a perfect job by escorting the riders back to the loading room where they've waited to ride again a few minutes later.

Ratatouille 1.0.1. from DLP Welcome on Vimeo.

Next one happened on Transformers last Tuesday and was a bit more serious. Fire rescuers were called to rescued guests from the ride as guests were stuck in one of the worst places on the ride - about 40 feet down from the ground and far enough from the top that fire rescuers had to rappel down with ladders to reach the car.  The 12 passengers were rescued by the firemen and everyone is safe.

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101 can happen of course on any rides and the two next videos will show you another "101" which happened during Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Orlando, showing all the mechanism of the famous Kuka robot arms upon which the guests are seated.

This next one, although filmed vertically, shows clearly decor elements placed all along the ride.

One more for the road with this great video showing Disneyland Space Mountain all lights on due to another "101"!

Finally, talking about Ratatouille you can see how the night lighting is stunning thanks to the great picture on the top showing Remy Plaza at night. I wonder if it's Michael Valentino, the great WDI Imagineer specialist in lighting - who did the one of Space Mountain - who did it... The picture is excellent too, so good that i thought it was a DLP official picture, but no, it was shot by a talented fan and apparently he might have more great shots to come!

Photo: copyright Disney Central Plaza


Colin said...

I absolutely do not hate the ride system but I just like AAs more or other real special effects. Universal uses screens already in many different rides and I hope Disney is not copying this because of this.

Nick said...

Was really hoping to be able to see the track switch in the Forbidden Journey video - it's the fastest in the amusement industry!