Friday, July 18, 2014

"Let's Dream!" , A Spectacular Nighttime Parade Directed by Taylor Jeffs and Gary Goddard Celebrates Lotte World 25th Anniversary ! HD Video

South Korea's Lotte World theme park is the 14th most visited theme park in the world, with 7.300.000 guests in 2013 and this year it celebrates its 25th Anniversary. The celebrations include a brand new nighttime spectacular parade called "Let's Dream!", written and directed by Taylor Jeffs with Gary Goddard as Executive Show-Producer.

"Let's Dream!" started a few days ago and has been a smash hit success so far. People are even saying it may be the best light parade ever created. In addition to amazing floats there are a couple of really neat “firsts” in the show, including the entertainment world’s largest fleet of drones, the flying lanterns you'll see in the video... well as the first “hologram” float with the flying fairy that you can see on the picture below!

The next pictures shows the moment of the rising castle as well as a procession scene with korean lanterns before the parade with the floats.

I've got for you mosaic pictures of the parade - click on each to see them in big size - as well as a great HD video showing the whole show. By the way, one other cool thing but hard to see in the video is that park guests are actually the stars of the parade. In the pre show, different areas of the audience hear six different “bedtime stories” about dreams, and then they see each of those dreams come true in the parade. Those are actually park guests on the bed on the first float, in the mermaid bowl, on the magic carpet, etc…

Also, the score was written by Benoit Jutras - composer of Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone’s biggest hits, including “O”, La Nouba, Quidam, Le Reve, and others.

I think that Taylor, Gary and the whole team did a fantastic job as you'll see on the HD video below showing the entire "Let's Dream!" parade. In the video, the drones start to rise up at 11:22. The hologram comes by around 15:08, but is a bit more hard to see in the video. Hope you'll enjoy this spectacular parade!

Pictures: copyright Gary Goddard - Lotte World


Anonymous said...

i think i see some disney knock off characters

Anonymous said...

I'll bet $1 Million that this parade was originally proposed for Disney to have, but Disney rejected it, so these guys took their idea to another park. Typically this is what happens with Imagineering.