Monday, July 14, 2014

All Aboard Diagon Alley "Escape From Gringotts" As We Have Finally A Decent Video Of The Ride !

I was waiting for it since last month press event and thanks to Ryan Newman we have finally a quite decent video of Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride! It couldn't be better to start the week !

Now, before you watch the ride video it might be a good idea to walk inside Gringotts and to see the pre-show, right? Just to enjoy the attraction as a regular guest of USF Diagon Alley does... Good news, i've found a perfect video of it filmed by The DIS, and here it is.

Before watching the video of the ride itself, you must also watch this short other video filmed by Attractions Magazine in the queue before boarding as it shows the movements that the vehicle is doing during some scenes of the ride, it'll help you to understand what happen during the ride when you'll see Ryan video.

And now, here is Ryan video which starts with the first scene of the ride, happening shortly after the vehicle left the boarding room. The video is the best available so far and one could say it would have been better a little bit more sharp but remember that the projections are in 3D and that it's pretty dark all along the ride, so i think Ryan did a good job. Definitely watch the video full screen, but before you'll launch it here is some additional details about the ride provided by Ryan that you must keep in mind while you'll watch the video:

First scene - The ride vehicle moves forward until the track ends at the first scene ( Ndr: the one with Bellatrix Lestrange throwing thunderbolts ). As the 3D projections are happening, the track begins to tilt down. The vehicle then goes into a drop and a few small twists until you reach the second scene.

Finale - During the finale in the volcano scene, the screen actually opens up and the car is launched forward in the dark.

The ride vehicle goes through a few twists and the cars move 360 degrees.

Picture: copyright Universal Studios

Videos: copyright Ryan Newman, Attractions Magazine, The DIS


Jon said...

The attraction specifically says "no photography." It's a shame that "fans" can't respect this! Not to mention, it's a real discredit to all involved creatively, and unfair to all who watch because a video doesn't do it justice. Shame!

Alain Littaye said...

Jon, There is a big rule of life which is as long there is something forbidden there will be someone who will want to transgress. Why? Because forbidding AND transgression are not two things divided, they work together. It's the human mind who divide them but in fact they are the two sides of the same "coin". That's why it's not a shame, it's natural, that's different.
As about the fact that video don't pay justice to the ride, everybody knows that. I trust the intelligence of my readers to remember they don't have the thrills of the ride and the 3D effects.

Xavier said...

The whole year 2009 I saw the building of HOGSMEADE while I worked in Florida. Returned in 2010 just before the opening (darn!).

But I vowed not to watch any video of the ride. It was frustrating of course. But the joy to experience the Forbidden Journey as a virgin just last month was really worth it ! (yes just a few days before the opning of Diagon Alley; darn! 2).

Just like I avoid all indoors footage for Radiator Springs Racers. Or any trailer for a movie I already know I want to watch...
For me the wonder & bafflement of discovery is jubilatory and justify the restrain. But it's really up to anyone to consider.
Sometimes the pain comes from spoilers in the media & internet. But I salutes Alain to always play fair on this matter.

Peter said...

I´d say there is a line which should not be crossed - it´s not ok to endanger other people and/or spoil an attraction for them. So flash photography on a Dark Ride is simply not acceptable, as are cameras on very turbulent rides. I once was hit in the chest by pair of sunglasses on Space Mountain - which was no big deal, as it was just a piece of very light plastic. But imagine it had been a videocamera, and it had hit my head instead of my chest. Everybody thinks there is no way the camera will slip out of their hands - but ask any cast member, they will tell you that they find heavy stuff like phones, cameras on rides with multiple cars on multiple levels each and every day after closing. So it´s always a bit like russian roulette, and that is, imo, not ok.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The ride looks very nice and well made, but it's more a Spider Man/ Transformers kind of ride than a roller coaster.

I must say though that I'm more old school and I prefer AA figures and real decors much more than screens, and this is what Disney still do better than Universal, as the Seven Dwarfs coaster have much more real decor and AA figures, even if they have the projected faces...