Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Leaked Jurassic World Visitors Guide Prop !

In the next Jurassic Park movie "Jurassic World" - happening 20 or 30 years after the first one - it's a real Jurassic theme park which is supposed to now exist at Isla Nublar. And like all theme parks this one will have a visitors guide. They did a real/fake visitors guide for the shooting which was handed out to several extras on the set of the film... and it happened what had to happen: one of them decided to take pictures of it and uploaded the pics on the web! This guide provides lots of interesting new details about Jurassic World , including what kind of dinos we can expect to see in the movie, which means that some of them can be spoilers! So, read it at your own risk!

Among the fun infos revealed is that Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, will have a cameo in the film. Visitors will be greeted with an instructional video hosted by the comedian when they go through the Gyrosphere, which is an on-site instructional video. You'll find also a few other details on the types of attractions that visitors will find at Jurassic World theme park - in the movie, not in real.
Last but not least, the visitors will have a "bracelet scanband" - a reminiscence of Disney's Magic Band idea?

Pictures: copyright Universal

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Anonymous said...

Great Leak!

Despite the fact that JP3 was not a good movie (But at least is fun for a sunday afternoon) I have to admit that it avoid to repeat the same species of dinos. Instead using another time the T-Rex as a main villain, it introduced the Spinosaurus, the pteranodons and other new animals. Even the inevitable velocirraptors were redesigned.
Here we can see that they will show new animals, like the sea mosasaurus, but it will get again with the Rex, triceratops, raptors... There were hundreds of species of dinos, please just a bit of originality...

Ivan J