Monday, April 30, 2018

DLP Rumor : WDS Art of Disney Animation Post-Show Room to Be Transformed in "Blue Sky Disney" Area to Preview Walt Disney Studios Expansion ?

I’ve got something interesting for you today about DLP Walt Disney Studios expansion. As we know DLP WDS will go through a massive expansion with a new Star Wars land, Frozen land, and a Marvel land, which will be the first one to come. All these with new attractions. Now, when Disney’s California Adventure went through its long placemaking some years ago a “Blue Sky Disney” area was created showing renderings and models for the upcoming attractions - it even reopened recently at DCA for the making of Pixar Pier.

Wouldn’t it be great if they would do the same at Disneyland Paris for Walt Disney Studios expansion? Well, today’s info should make happy DLP fans as a Blue Sky Disney area apparently will be created, using the post-show room of The Art of Animation attraction. It’s of course not yet official, it might take at least one more year before the transformation of the post-show room begin, and questions also remain about the Art of Animation attraction itself as guests exit the attraction precisely through this post-show room. Will they keep the attraction itself or will it be changed? As just a few people each day now do The Art of Animation attraction, it will be interesting to see what will happen of it. Also, as this has not be confirmed yet to me this info must definitely be considered as a “rumor” until an official announcement or a future D&M confirmation, in case they would change their plans in the meantime.

But, as you can see on the above rare WDI rendering showing the Art of Animation post-show room there is plenty of space in it to display artworks or models of WDS upcoming lands and rides - actually it’s even the perfect place to create a “Blue Sky Disney” area at the Walt Disney Studios to preview its expansion. Now let’s cross our fingers it will become reality, and if it does, remember you’ve read it first on D&M!

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Thorsten said...

This would be a great idea.

Reminds my of the old Disney Preview Center (Espace Euro Disneyland).

Biut at the moment there is the very popular Moana Meet&Greet at this point so I wonder what they will do.

It is a shame that the Art of Disney Animation show will not be updated. It is a great show and something to learn about the history of Walt Disney. There is not that much in the park about that.