Monday, April 30, 2018

China Eastern Airlines Toy Story Airplane Launched in Shanghai!

On April 28th, a 'Disney Toy Story' aircraft launched in Shanghai, thanks to a joined venture between China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Disney Resort. A flying Buzz Lightyear is painted on one side of the exterior, and Woody is on the other.

But there is much more to makes it a unique Toy Story experience, and even starting at check-in, as check-in machines are Toy Story themed, and the desks feature images of the characters.

Inside the plane, the top of the cabin features artwork of Woody and Lotso, among others. Luggage compartments above the seats are sky blue, with cartoon clouds and other Toy Story characters drawn on. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are on display. The seats and trays again feature colorful depictions of the characters, and the headphones and other accessories are all themed to further enhance the experience. Menus also revolve around Toy Story characters, with themed cutlery and food and drink options.

China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Disney Resort corporate partnership started in 2016, and since two other Disney themed aircrafts were released , featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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