Friday, May 4, 2018

Breaking: Sleighs Coaster Added to Hong Kong Disneyland Frozen Land - Now Edited with Latest Infos!

A new rendering has been released for Hong Kong Disneyland Frozen land, and it shows a major new addition that was not there on the first rendering, the one below...

And here is the new rendering, the new "sleighs" coaster is on the right.

A closer look at it reveal that it looks a lot like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, except that the coaster train has a design with sleighs instead than mine vehicles. But the exit from a cave and even the turn down hill look the same, meaning they might use the SDMT blueprint with a Frozen theme, and we don't know yet if there will be a scene with Audio-Animatronics inside the cave, or even if there will be a cave.

But you may remember that another attraction also with sleighs was announced for HKDL Frozen land - rendering below - which apparently would use the same technology than Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters at DCA Cars Land. This other one would be an indoor attraction, and all the question is: does this newly added sleighs coaster will replace the other sleighs attraction? And by the way, as a similar Frozen land is also coming to DLP Walt Disney Studios, will this sleighs coater be added too for the WDS Frozen land, or not?

Important Editing: After a double check, i have more infos about this sleighs coaster: First, and it's good to know, this rendering showing a sleighs coater is real, not a fake. BUT several different renderings were done, showing different options, with or without them, and this "new" rendering may be not that new and the sleighs coaster may or may not be included finally in the Frozen land, depending of the final choice, which itself will probably depend of the budget available. It doesn't mean that this sleighs coaster won't be done, whether at HKDL or eventually at DLP WDS Frozen land ( although the rendering shows clearly the HKDL version of the Frozen land ), it just means that there is no way to confirm it at 100% right now.

New Editing 5/6: According to Hong Kong Main Street Gazette, the completion of Hong Kong Disneyland's castle transformation has been pushed back from 2019 to 2020 and completion of the Frozen themed land has been pushed back from 2020 to 2021. Talking about Frozen land, the more i think about the new rendering we saw yesterday with the sleighs coaster, the more i think it was one of the different versions that were envisioned with the officially announced one being the final choice. Which would mean may be no sleighs coaster for HKDL Frozen land. We'll see what happen but so far, wrong or right, i don't feel it.

Pictures: copyright Disney


Thomas said...

If they're going with the Seven Dwarfs Coaster layout, maybe they'll theme it with the rock trolls?

Anonymous said...

This is amazing news! I love how they keep adding to HKDL.

Tom said...

Check this:

The coaster is really not true and the Oaken Sleigh attraction is still in place.

The Frozen darkride seems to become a version of Shanghai Pirates.

My Chinese is not that good, Google helped me, so correct me if I'm wrong :)

Anonymous said...

But if this is a scrapped plan, why would it only be released now. And the new rendering even has the fountain moved to the land entrance,and another mountain on top of frozen ever after was added.