Sunday, April 29, 2018

Avengers : Infinity War is the Best Marvel Movie Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe Started Ten Years Ago - Review with NO Spoilers

SO, i've seen in theatre this afternoon Avengers : Infinity War and i'll go as far as to say that it is for me the best Marvel movie since they started the Marvel Cinematic Universe ten years ago - the most stylized one remaining the first Captain America. And there is still one more Avengers movie to come next year as Infinity War is only the part one of the story.

Yes, the tone is darker, and yes, a lot of people / superheroes die in Infinity War but the fact that it is a tragedy - with even some Shakespearian moments - contribute to make it a better film than one with the usual happy ending. Of course the story is also excellent and the editing well done enough that you won't get lost when action happen in different places - and to make sure that you'll get everything happening i strongly suggest that you read before watching Infinity War this perfect article on CNN HERE remembering everything that happened in each movie of the MCU which all lead to what is happening in Infinity War.

As Alfred Hitchcock always said "Better is the villain, better will be the movie" and Avengers : infinity War makes no exception as Thanos is a powerful villain indeed but also a complex character which makes him more interesting than the usual villains. And Thanos is also good because Josh Brolin play it wonderfully something obvious even if his character is created digitally. There is no lengths in Infinity War and the story is so well written that there is no chances you'll  fall asleep. And there is so many things happening that you'll also probably want to watch it a second time! One more thing: yes, Stan Lee has a cameo, as usual, so don't miss it! And, two, definitely stay until the very end of the credits as there is a post credits sequence that you must not miss. And even stay a few seconds more after it as there is also a short but fun tribute to James Bond movie with the very last image!

Disney - Marvel is going to make a huge amount of money with Infinity War, most probably more than with Star Wars 8, and i won't even surprised if Infinity War was even beating Star Wars 7. Yes, Infinity War is that good and enjoyable, so don't miss it!

Picture and video: copyright Disney - Marvel

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