Saturday, April 7, 2007

David Copperfield magic underground project

Who remember the "David Copperfield magic underground " project that was supposed to open in Disney-MGM Studios in the late 90's ( and never opened ). It was announced on a big billboard near the entrance of the park, and then, it really disappeared!
...Well, Michael Eisner also have disappeared from WDW, but it's for other reasons!

Probably the only thing that survived from this project is this great and funny picture of Eisner with David released when everything was going fine by WDW marketing office.

Photo: copyright Disney

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Doctor Bitz said...

This didn't happen because David Copperfield's project ran out of money in NYC. I think it was even under construction in Manhattan and it never got off the ground. David Rockwell, a prominent NY Archtiect who had designed "Planet Hollywood" was doing this project and hoped it would follow in some form as a theatrical chain of Restaurants. It was very ambitious and cost tens of millions.