Saturday, April 7, 2007

Special Offer on Last Copies of Disneyland Paris Book "From Sketch to Reality" Rare COLLECTOR's English Edition !

Special Offer on Disneyland Paris Book Rare COLLECTOR's edition!

The book Disneyland Paris in its rare COLLECTOR's edition is out of stock since years and I have three copies of the normal English edition, all three in perfect condition, each at 250 € that you can order to me if you wish by sending an email at:

BUT I've found back nine copies of the rare ENGLISH COLLECTOR's edition as well as two copies of the "normal" English edition whose interior pages are impeccable but the cover or jacket had taken a little shock during the trip from the printer. The damage is minimal and for each copy proposed I put here below pictures showing the shock on each copy so you can judge the condition and choose the one you prefer.

This collector's edition is sold between $500 and $2000 by other sellers on Amazon, when they have it, which is rare because only 2000 copies were printed, 17 years ago, and the collector's edition is extinct since a long time. The price i ask here for these slightly damaged collector's only copies is 120 € and please note that collector copies in "used condition" are usually sold up to $2000 on Amazon by others sellers, so at $120 it's a very good deal, even in these conditions. The collector's edition of the book differs from the normal edition by a gold-colored print of the title on the cover and dust jacket, a more luxurious printing paper for all inside pages, a limited and numbered edition of 2000 copies and five lithos showing concept-arts for the Walt Disney Studios. The lithos that were included with the collector's edition are here missing in these slightly damaged copies but I will send the PDF files so you can have them and print them. Once again, the interior pages are in perfect condition.

For each copy the first photo of the cover has a number on it ( it's just a reference number to know which copy it is in order to be able to send you exactly the copy you have chosen, it is NOT the number of the book's numbering), and the photos that follow the picture of each cover are showing the condition / damage of the copy, this until the next cover photo, etc...

For French readers: The rare English edition COLLECTOR, is identical to the French edition, with the text in English. BUT the PDF file of the full text in French will be provided free of charge to any buyer with difficulty to understand English.

In addition, there is also some GREAT surprise gifts for Disneyland Paris fans that will be sent to any buyer!

Here are the prices according to the number of each copy visible on the covers. Considering that most copies are slightly damaged the price is a very good deal, believe me!

In all cases the shipping cost, France or worldwide are 26 euros and payment can be made via Paypal or credit card via Paypal. The total amount, including shipping costs must be sent via Paypal to:

For any order - or if you don’t have a Paypal account and wish to pay with credit card - you must send me an email to: and indicate the NUMBER of the copy that interest you!

Ex no 1 (English collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 2 (english collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 3 (English collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 4 (English collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 5 (English collector edition): 65€. The copy No 1, 2 and 3 are all gone today Oct 23 and this No 5 is the last damaged copy but also the one which is the more damaged both on the cover and the very first pages. For this reason this collector copy has a price of 65€ instead than 120€ for the others ones sold today.

Ex no 6 (English collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 8 ( English collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 9 (English collector edition): SOLD!

Ex no 10 (normal English edition): SOLD!

Ex no 11 (normal English edition): SOLD!

Again, for any order or if you don’t have a Paypal account, you must send me an email to: and indicate the NUMBER of the copy that interests you! Thanks!

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