Saturday, April 7, 2007

Disneyland's Mark Twain replica

This gorgeous replica of Disneyland's Mark Twain river boat will be released by Disney Direct later this month or in May. This was the last item designed for Disney Direct by sculptors Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily before they left Disney Direct. Not only the details are stunning , but 6 or 7 different materials will be used in the manufacturing of the item : resin, wood, metal, etc...

It will be a limited edition of 500 and expect a price not less than 299$. Please note that on these photos the decals "Disneyland, Mark Twain, etc..." are not yet in place on the boat.

For me this Mark Twain replica is simply stunning.


Doctor Bitz said...

Truly beautiful..Only needs cotton steam coming frm the stacks!

Lisa Buttmonkey (The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community) said...

still regret not getting this! Gorgeous