Monday, April 23, 2007

The Disney cartoon you thought you'll never see

Okay, let's put it like this: Suppose that you're doing a quiz about Walt Disney animated productions. And one of the question is: Did Walt Disney produced a cartoon that talk about vagina, uterus, rectum, ovary, etc...and almost only about that during 10 minutes? What would be your answer? Probably something like " are you kidding? "

Well, actually not. As Walt Disney productions DID produce a 10 minutes educational animated that is talking really about all that, and very clearly!

Allright, it's more a " curiosity " than an animation masterpiece as you will see on the youtube video below, but, hey, if one day you really do a Disney quiz, you'll be able to answer yes, "The story of menstruation" was a true Walt Disney production!

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