Monday, April 23, 2007

Phantom Manor: a 3D re-creation

David Will is a Phantom Manor's fan. I mean: a real big big fan. And he love the attraction so much that he's currently re-creating it in 3D. All of it. No kidding. And not only he's doing it, but his work is a wonder. You can see some pictures of his work-in-progress above, and the ghosts of the manor will be add later. And, yes, all this is done to create at the end a 3D animation of the whole ride.
What is really astonishing here is that David is doing this about an attraction that still exist - and for a long time! - not about an extinct attraction like other people did it about "journey through innerspace " or the WDW "Mr Toad's wild ride".
So what? So, David is a real BIG fan of Phantom Manor, because, as you probably know , doing this 3D re-creation is a very hard - and long - work.
Recently David received the congratulations - the blessing , i should say - of Jeff Burke, DLP Frontierland's show-producer.
And believe me, he totally deserves it!
Have a look on his web site where you can see more of his work at:
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Anonymous said...

Hey i was wondering if it's still going on and i heard its a game and there's a demo coming out this year does he have a site if so please get me to i.

David Will said...

Hello! I am David, the game is in full production and it has recently been switched to a much higher engine capable of amazing graphics.

Tom said...

I too would like to see a website that i can see progress on, I personally LOVE disneyland paris and the idea of there actually being a proper game of it, not just the roller coaster tycoon 3 maps all over youtube.
Out of curiosity, what engine are you using now to make it?