Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A "different" Walt Disney - photos and video

The photos above and the video below are really interesting as they show a different Walt than the usual - although often wonderful - corporate shots.
On the pictures above, so, three "different" Walt : on the top, Walt is driving a Main street vehicle , and he seems to have real fun playing the milk man. In the middle, a picture that i like a lot: can you imagine this? Being a teenager and be able to speak in the more un-formal possible way ( difficult to be more un-formal than to talk with Walt standing around a garbage can! ) , and the last one is showing a more "lonely" Walt , sitting alone in Town square. He looks as tired as we can be after a day in Disneyland.....or may be he is thinking about something to improve on Main street...we will never know what he had in his mind at that moment, but one thing is sure: in these three pictures he look totally human.

Now is the time for a great video with Walt and comedian Jack Benny. In the story line Jack Benny come to see Walt in his office to ask him 110 "free" tickets to go to Disneyland!
Although Walt is standing in his famous office, this sequence is not coming from one of the Walt Disney tv shows, but from a 1965 Jack Benny show. The tiger you will see is here to advertize the "A Tiger walks" movie released months before, and the bird , of course , is coming from the Tiki room.
But these 5 minutes of "comedy" between Benny and Walt are really fun.

This youtube video was embedded with the kind authorisation of Jim who have many other great videos on his youtube account at:

Photos: copyright Disney
Video: copyright Jack Benny productions

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Unknown said...

C'est vraiment super de voir Walt dans une telle posture de comédien, et autant dire qu'il joue parfaitement :) Merci pour ce bon moment de comédie :)