Monday, December 10, 2007

EPCOT SPACESHIP EARTH NEW VERSION - Full report : Photos and Ride Videos

It's a big week for Disney fans ! This week-end , not only the WDS Tower of terror opened, but the hihly awaited new version of Epcot Spaceship Earth, too ! Good news for all: you will see below a lot of this new version, including an on-ride video.
And may be it is too much for those of you who want to preserve the surprise! So, here again the usual warning: do NOT look further as many spoilers awaits you below !

Okay, now that everybody is warned, let's have a closer look to this new version of the ride. First, Dame Judi Dench is the voice of the new audio commentary - goodbye Jeremy Irons ! - and, good news, all the favorite historical scenes are still there. And yes, with new improved audio-animatronics.

You will find a video of the full ride at the end of this article, but here is a first short youtube video of these scenes, thanks to "intercot"

Among them, the one AA which looks the most advanced - in robotic - seems to be in the old story teller in the greek scene.

Here is another short youtube video of it , always thanks to "intercot"

The new computer scene is just fantastic. Two AA there, too. Great lighting.

..and also a short video of that scene, once again thanks to "intercot"

A "Matrix" style motion screen replaces the original multi-color tunnel just before you reach the planetarium scene.
Great effect!

...And a video of it thanks to who? that's right, thanks to "intercot" !

But it's when the vehicles go down that the big "new" thing is appearing. In front of each seat there is a new screen.

On this one, each guest must answer to few questions about what he likes and his wishes for the future. Like this one:

...Or this one:

...Or this one:

After few seconds - during the wait, some historical facts are remembered to you - a special editing of a cartoon movie- depending of your answers - appear on the screen . Here is how it looks like.

If to the answer "how would you like to do sports" you've answer "with a coach" , a robot-coach will appear with you during your "training"...

I really like the 60's style of this cartoon movie, i think it fit perfectly with the architecture of Future World pavillion.
And of course the movie images are totally different if you choose other answers!

When you exit the ride, you access directly to the Project Tomorrow post-show area.

And now here is a two-part video of the new ride - once again, it's time to open the "exit door" if you want to keep all the surprise! For the one who stay here, the video is as good as possible - remember how dark it is inside - and i want to thank
"DisneyHD" who posted it on youtube for the great link.

All aboard the new Spaceship Earth and enjoy it!

Spaceship Earth Photo : copyright Disney

Youtube videos and screen capture : copyright DisneyHD and intercot. Many thanks again to them for the great links!

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Brian said...

Some of the AA's are really amazing. Thanks for the report.