Friday, December 14, 2007

Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas season - Photos and video

It's Christmas everywhere, even in Hong Kong Disneyland, and here are some pictures of how it looks in this small, but beautiful Disney theme park. As usual, double-click on each picture to see them in bigger size.

Everywhere in the park guests can see christmas decorations, like here , on Main Street Opera house and train station.

Disney characters have a new christmas costume, too.

They did a Santa Claus workshop where, as say the press release, "everyone is invited to take a sneak peek of the whimsical and interactive fun at Santa’s Workshop, and see how Santa and his bustling Elves are getting ready for Christmas. Unique to Hong Kong Disneyland as a multi-sensory experience, the Christmas story is brought to life as the big man and his Elves are present to greet guests."

Dont they look all so cute on this publicity picture?

The castle, like in all other magic kingdoms got an icy treatment and, "Maestro Mickey Mouse commands this enthralling symphony that will fill the air with a whirlwind of light, color and music. Every evening Mickey Mouse will transform Sleeping Beauty Castle into thousands of sparkling diamonds that will shine and shimmer on the evening skyline."

Here is a youtube video of the "Sparkling castle christmas lights" , thanks to "eman129". The show is different than the one in DLR or WDW, so it worth the look.

There is a special "let it snow" parade in Main street...

Why "let it snow" ? Because artificial snow is falling on Main street ...although i suspect the picture below to be quite "photoshoped"

You can see youtube videos of the parade by clicking here

The park is doing publicity for the HKD christmas season in many Hong Kong places, even inside the subway, like here in "Central" where "By standing in front of the mural size floor poster, a snow covered Hong Kong Disneyland will appear to leap out in 3-D and guests will feel as if they are standing inside the Park. With virtual snow being projected onto the surrounding four pillars, while weather broadcasts and Christmas highlights from the Park play on plasma televisions, guests will be further immersed in the glittering magic of Disney’s Sparkling Christmas."
It looks fun, and i wish we had the same kind of advertising in Paris underground stations!

All photos: copyright Hong Kong Disneyland

Youtube video : copyright eman129

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Too bad i went to Hong Kong Disneyland after Christmas. maybe next year.