Friday, December 14, 2007

Walt Disney at the Studios - a pictorial article

I realised it is quite a while since i've post my last pictorial article with Walt Disney's historical photos.

So today here is one with pictures of Walt at the studios. For some of them it's a younger Walt Disney than the one we see most of the time on the 1950-60's pictures, But it's always good to re-discover a less known Walt.

Enjoy them.

On this picture, Walt is with famous composer Rachmaninov, on the left.

I always thought that the expression "Uncle Walt" was a friendly one used by Disney animators after Walt's death, but, no, he used to be called like this when he was alive!

All photos: copyright Disney

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Unknown said...


Great shots of Walt!

I really appreciate all of the time and work that you put into the blog. Thanks!