Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Tower of Terror media exclusive collector brochure

Generally, when DLP open a new major attraction, a big E-ticket - and the Tower of terror is a real one - the marketing dept have some good ideas to promote the opening, and this huge and great brochure that they've sent to journalists is a new proof of how good they can be when the park's management is not cheap on the marketing budget.
This brochure is going to be a real collector. Not only because the size of it - a "A3" format - is really big, print on strong paper and the layouts are very well done. The envelop itself looks like it travel 70 years before you received it!

Here is the cover of the brochure

Good mise-en-scène with TOT grooms and the first page after the cover ask the right question : are you ready to check in?

The next two pages - always looking "old" - are the " hotel register "

The next two show pictures of the lobby, the library and the boiler room, with de-saturated colours to help the photos looking old. But if you look closely at the bottom, there is also a kind of blue-print , except that it is the one of the Florida version of the attraction , not the WDS one! Oooops!

The next two pages is a huge picture inviting you to step inside the elevator

And the last one is about the Twilight Zone effect, with, on the right, the press release

Here is the back of the brochure

You won't find this brochure in the TOT gifts shop or anywhere else in the park, so looking on ebay will be probably the best way to find one in the future!


Anonymous said...

This looks very cool! I would love one for my Haunted Mansion / Tower of Terror collection. I have some items that my friend brought back from the opening of the new Tomorrowland a few years back. He was invited down because he worked as a DJ at a radio station. He didn't want all the stuff he brought back, so its all in my collection now. As you described, they do a great job on these items that only a select group ever gets to see.

Nicole said...

Very neat indeed! I have the same collector brochure for the opening of this attraction in Disneyland (California), so it's neat to see different versions of it.

This version is definitely designed to look more 'impressive' and 'old', which I like. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have it :)

Anonymous said...

PS: there is a CD in the last page