Monday, January 21, 2008

Walt Disney Studios Tower of Terror new official pictures

I had the pleasure to receive today a huge and great brochure that DLP marketing dept sent to journalists. This one is going to be a real collector. Not only the size of it - a "A3" format is really big, but the layouts are very well done. I will put picture of all of it on line tomorrow, so come back on the site to se them.
But include was a press photo cd with new pictures and today, i have made a selection for you of the most interesting one, including some of the inside of the TOT, but shot on an angle that only official DLP photographs are allowed to shoot.

Above is a beautiful night photo of the tower. And below a new shot with some of the bell boys.

Let's have a look at the making-of pictures. First a photo of the model.

Also released some rare shots of the building construction...

As we know the theming of the inside of the hotel is gorgeous, and full of real antiques bought by imagineers in antiques shop or Paris flea markets. Here is some unique photos when they were looking for them...

This head will ends in the window of the Hollywood Boulevard department store, not inside the Tower of terror

On these photos, some imagineers put the final touch on part of the decor

And here is the final result!

Here is a great picture of the library of the hotel.

And some new one of the boiler room.

Now, guess who is missing? Cmon' Mickey and Minnie, let's go for the big drop!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to discover the collector's brochure!

All photos : copyright Disney

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these great high res photos of the TOT. These will make great desktop shots for my Mac! If you have more, please post them!