Thursday, January 24, 2008

Walt Disney Studios " Stitch Live! " will open in two months - New Photos !

Well, probably we will have some soft opening before that, but works are almost finished on this new WDS attraction, the fourth in one year after Crush's coaster, Cars race rally, and Tower of terror.

It will be exactly the same show that guests can see at Hong Kong Disneyland. I did it one year ago when i was there,'s okay. Just okay. A "C" ticket - because of the technology involved - but not the one you are hurry to do again and again each time you go at the park.

However, young kids will love it, and there is even a little "labyrinth" game at the end where audience must help Stitch to find the way out of his spaceship. Anyway, it surely will be better than the Disney channel "attraction" - it was listed as an attraction, but it was a bad joke...

Below, some new pictures released by DLP - they, in fact, are coming from the HKD show, so we can't be sure that the room theming will look exactly like that at the WDS....we'll see!

Photos and artwork : copyright Disney and Alexandre Rosa
Artwork photo by WDS Fans

Watch more of Alexandre photos on his site HERE


Anonymous said...

Put the WDSfans logo back on the concept art... It's a photo I got from a presentation screen... Yes, I got permission. For DLRP.Fr does this to me and now YOU too??????

Alain Littaye said...
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Alain Littaye said...

Now, young boy, let me be clear - and if i say "young boy" it's because i'm probably twice older than you are : I am spending my time to put on line photos and artwork without any Disney and more logo , just for the pleasure to SHARE pictures and that everybody can have pictures as best as possible - and yes, some, eventually, will put them on their web site, later, if they want , i don't mind ( as long as it not at the same time i'm posting the article, of course ).
I don't put any logo on my pictures because i think that sharing things in life is more important than to put any sign of his little ego on a picture.
So, sorry, but all i will do, and because it's fair to do it, is to credit the artwork picture in the end credits, and create a link with wds fans site, and that's all.