Friday, February 22, 2008

Disneyland famous celebrities - Part Three

Since 50 years many celebrities from around the world came to visit Disneyland, Anaheim. Here is a third series of historical pictures of some of them, this time about famous political figures.

Above with Walt Disney, India legendary prime minister Nehru, both aboard a Jungle Cruise boat at the end of the 1950's.

Emperor of Japan Hiro-Hito entering - peacefully - Disneyland - yes, the same one who launched the attack on Pearl Harbor !

President Harry Truman - yes, the man who dropped the "Bomb" on the japanese!

President Ike Eisenhower with his wife enjoying one of Main Street vehicles.

John Kennedy with Ahmed Sékou Touré, President of Guinea near the Disneyland Railroad. This picture is incredible. Look not only at Kennedy and Sékou Touré's faces, but also to all the other persons around them, beginning by Sékou Touré's body guard on the right who don't looks cool at all...

Richard Nixon came many times at Disneyland, first in 1959 as Eisenhower vice-president for the Monorail inauguration ceremony, here with his wife Patricia and his two daughters - and Walt, of course...

A close shot on the scissors and the ribbon - there was a funny moment as the scissors didn't succeed to cut the ribbon!

Same day, same family, in front of the Matterhorn!

And finally, he went inside the submarine - where he should have stayed forever!

Some years later, always with his two daughters, sitting on the Main Street fire god, this guy really liked Disneyland!

Another U.S president who came twice was of course Ronald Reagan, first as an anchor man for the tv show of Disneyland grand opening in 1955...

And then in 1980's as the president of United States, and Grand Marshall of Disneyland parade!

Let's end this series of political figures at Disneyland - and have some fun - with our former and ineffable french president Jacques Chirac with his wife Bernadette ( not an italian model ) and Mickey at Disneyland's guest relations office.

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Wavecritter said...

My favorite photo is of the President as the Grand Marshall! In his and Disneys Glory! Awesome..

Stephanie Haile

The Viewliner Limited said...

The picture of President Reagan is in 1990...the 35th anniversary of Disneyland. Wonderful pictures thank you very much.

The Viewliner Limited said...
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Dyldog said...

I actually have a never before seen picture of kennedy.
It's a color print, my uncle was a photographer and i've never seen it online and i don't think it was ever published.

It's him and What i assume is secret service and aides on some kind of ride shaped like small cars with steering wheels.

not sure wat to do with it, I scanned it to my computer but as im not the original photographer i dunno if its worth anything