Saturday, February 23, 2008

Indiana Jones tribute part one - The making of Raiders of the lost ark

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull will be released in three months, and, even if we all would love to watch it right now, i'm afraid we have to wait.

So, in the meantime, i thought we could have a look back at the making of the previous Indiana Jones movies, beginning by the first one, Raiders of the lost ark.

Let's begin with some concept-art by Jim Steranko, wonderful comic book artist, and magician, too. And if Indiana Jones don't look like Harrison Ford on them, it's normal, as these production artwork was probably done before the final casting.
The first one above shows a scene which don't really exist in the final movie.

The one below shows the snake sequence, but if you look well, the temple is not an egyptian temple like in the movie.

This next one shows the famous battle between Indy and the pilot of the flying wing.

And this last rendering is about the truck chase scene.

Let's have a look now to some production shots. Here is Spielberg filming in Hawai's jungle.

This picture show the filming of the opening sequence, with the indians.

Here is Georges Lucas and the crew, always in Hawai.

This next picture shows one of the huge studio set.

Harrison Ford and Spielberg, probably talking about the opening sequence.

I mean, this sequence.

Spielberg and Karen Allen during the "streets of Cairo" filming. Note that this sequence was filmed in Morocco, and not in Cairo.

Here is the sea plane which appears in the movie.

Spielberg and Ford near the cargo ship.

The making of a mask for the final sequence of the opening of the ark of the covenant.

And here is another one, probably for the same sequence.

In the part two, coming soon, we will have a look at the making of Indiana Jones and the temple of doom!

All pictures and artwork: copyright Lucas Film Ltd.

Pictures coming from the Indiana Jones official web site.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Some great behind the scenes information and images as usual :0)

Honor Hunter said...

The concept art for Raiders was done by world famous comic book artist Jim Steranko who was known for his illustrations of Captain America and Nick Fury in the late 60's... if you love that artwork, go find some reprints or back issues. Great stuff...