Monday, February 18, 2008

Take a minute to watch this incredible IPhone application

Here, at Disney and more, we love the IPhone. I know, there is no link between Disney and the IPhone - except Steve Jobs - but sometime, when i see something really amazing, i like to share it with you. That's for the "and more" of Disney and more.

So, as you may know, some incredible applications have been developed for the IPhone, and any one who have a "jailbreaked" IPhone - or IPod Touch - can download them, and it's free. And this new one, called "IAno" is really stunning, as it allows you to have nothing less than a piano on your IPhone.

I know, you're thinking "mmmmh, and what about the sound?" Well, that's the point, the piano sound is fantastic, really amazing, it sounds exactly like a real piano. And you can change of octaves, etc...just like on a real one.

So, just take a minute to watch this short youtube video, it will give you a better idea of what i mean.

Note: to install IAno on your IPhone, you need to have a jailbreaked iphone ( if your iphone is not jailbreaked, you can't install it )

If you do have a jailbreak iphone, so you have also the "installer" application. To get Iano, you must install this source ( in "installer" , then in "sources", then, click "edit" , then click "add" ) :

And then you "refresh" the sources, and you should get it.

Good luck!

Even more amazing: this new video show the first "IPhone Band", three people using IAno and the Pocket Guitar application who create music all together!

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