Monday, February 11, 2008

Is this the first , and already "Ultimate" WALL-E robot?

Well, if we trust this Flickr picture, it seems that we have here the first WALL-E "real" robot, the one we are all waiting for.

No sign of any name of manufacturer, however, but this "ultimate" and "programmable" WALL-E is supposed to have amazing animated features. Note that "programmable" doesn't necessarily mean "remote controlled". More news as soon as they'll be available.

Meanwhile, a clever group of students using the LEGO Mindstorm series built a working WALL-E, with sensors. This was the winning entry for the NXTLOG Back to School Building Challenge.

This WALL-E is an autonomous clean-up robot for class rooms. After the children leave a mess in the class room, WALL-E would drive around the class cleaning up all the rubbish and leaving the floor spotless and reduce the teachers work load.

The robot would scan the floor for litter and rubbish, pick them up and put it in its belly and crush them. It would use the ultrasonic sensor to detect rubbish.

More infos on the LEGO website where you can see a short video of the robot working, and picture below.

Top picture from Flickr Galerie de Argyle


Anonymous said...

how much does the wall-e robot cost?

Whit+ said...

Check this thread out -