Monday, February 11, 2008

New additions on the site for a better Disney and more

I've added on Disney and more this week-end two small things, but i think you will like them. It will make the site more easy to use and more entertaining.

As you know, all the previous topics are listed on the side bar, but some of you don't necessarily like to scroll down to search for an article. So, now you can search - and find! - easily an article on my site, thanks to the Google search located on the top of the side bar. To find an article on Disney and more, no need to scroll down anymore! , just enter your key word, choose the search in "Disney and more", click on "search", and that's it!

Now, for those of you who WILL scroll down, there is a little reward with three youtube video bars. You will find two of them on your way down on the side bar, and one at the bottom of each page. On each of them, four different youtube videos about Disney theme parks, attractions, Pixar movies, etc...

Each time you will arrive on any Disney and more page, it will be a different choice of videos. I am not making the choice, youtube do it with all the different key words i entered. If you put your mouse on each video the title of it will appear, or you simply click randomly on any one, and each time it will be a surprise!

And the great thing is that you will not leave the site when you'll click on any video. A window will open, where you'll be able to have a look to it, and once it's done, you can either look to another one, or move along to another Disney and more article.
Note: if the video bars don't appear, just upload again the page and they will.

Hope you'll enjoy these new additions, and see you later today for new articles! In the meantime, don't miss the two great topics below: the first pictures of TOY STORY MANIA and Mr Potato Head AA, and right after it, don't miss your first encounter with EVE, WALL-E robot's friend.

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