Saturday, February 16, 2008

After WALL-E, meet SALL-E, GAR-E, NANC-E, and WEND-E !

Did you visit the BuyNLarge web site ? You know, this web site that Pixar created some months ago...It's all about a robot manufacturer company, supposedly real. Except that BuyNLarge don't exist, and will never be. The site is here only for the promotion - and the story line - of the awaited Pixar animated movie WALL-E.

It's a good idea, by the way, and there is even a store where you can buy some BuyNLarge t-shirts hats, magnets, etc...and this one - i think - is for real.

So, in WALL-E story line, BuyNLarge is the robot manufacturer - not only of WALL-E, as we will see. And the site provide a great 3D animated movie about WALL-E functions that you can watch below.

Always on the site, you can discover other BuyNLarge robot models. If they were real, and if we could order them, this will be great, as they look pretty cool.

Among them, SALL-E , the vaccubot - please click on each picture to see functions details of each robot.

...GAR-E, the yardbot

...NANC-E, the nannybot (!)

and WEND-E, the washbot

They all looks really cool as i've said, but this lead me to one question: Will these BuyNLarge robots appear in some scenes of the WALL-E movie?

Your thoughts ?

Video and screnn capture pictures: copyright Disney, Pixar and BuyNLarge


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome! :D
Fake or not, a fake website to promote things (movie or games), just like this BUYNLARGE website, has become a common thing (at least in game industry).

Anonymous said...

What cracked me up about this movie, besides the obvious product placement of iPod, was the moral of the story...

So after having devastated the planet, making every animal go extinct except for cockroaches, a fat and lazy worthless version of mankind returns to do it all over again just as the biosphere was just beginning to revive.

I think a much better ending to the movie would have been if the Axiom blew up, killing everybody aboard, with only the robots to escape to return to Earth.