Monday, November 10, 2008

Hidden Secrets of Disneyland Paris

I discovered recently a new web site called: Hidden DLRP at It's a very interesting site where you can learn about the details hidden by imagineers all around the resort.

I know i'm supposed to know everything about DLP since i did the "From sketch to reality" book with my friend Didier Ghez, but frankly, Hidden DLRP learned me things i didn't knew.

For instance, do you know there is golden snails on the top of some towers of Sleeping Beauty Castle?

Or have you noticed in the bushes near the entrance of the Snow White attraction the axe of the hunter ( or is it a woodsman? ) - who, in the movie is sent to kill Snow White - ?

The site have five different sections: "Disneyland Park", "Walt Disney Studios", "DLP Hotels", "Disney Village" and "Hidden Mickey", and in each of them you will learn about DLRP secrets details that you probably were not aware of.

And for those of you who love to find hidden Mickeys, the "Hidden Mickey" section will be perfect.

I know quite a lot of them, but Hidden DLRP succeed to show me some i never saw like this one in the treasure's scene of Pirates of Caribbean.

You see, this new Hidden DLRP web site will show you dozens of Imagineering details, and God knows that's what we like in Disney theme parks! So, have a look at Hidden DLRP and put it in your bookmarks!

All pictures: copyright Hidden DLRP


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a mistake in the link to the website on the right - "www" once too often ;-)

Anonymous said...

The link doesnt go to that site anymore can you please link a new link to that site?

Alain Littaye said...

I'm sorry but i don't have - and can't find - the new link.

Alan Hooper said...

Hi Alain, just wanted to let you know what happened / is happening with this site. Back in December 2010 it was hacked into and had to be removed. But I am rebuilding it with a launch date of May 2nd 2011. The feedback I had about where was the site was enough to relaunch it. Sorry it disappeared, but it was the best option to keep the sites integrity correct.
Alan Hooper

Alain Littaye said...

Okay, Alan. Please let me know when the new site will be online!

Alan Hooper said... is back online. Unfortunately the removal process that I used means that the site is being built from the ground up. Hopefully with improvements. Thanks again Alan.