Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Say Hello to BURN-E

Remember that little robot who was outside of the Axiom ship in WALL-E - repairing something - and who get locked out of the ship when WALL-E enter?

Well, in the soon to be released WALL-E Dvd, a 7.35 minutes short animated about him - his name is BURN-E - will show you how this little robot try to install a replacement lamp on the starliner and find a way back inside the Axiom.

The short is directed by animator Angus MacLane and the story begin when BURN-E is locked out of the Axiom.

Almost 8 minutes of a new Pixar short animated is always a good news to begin the day, and here is some high-res pictures of it released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

All pictures: copyright Disney-Pixar Animation


Anonymous said...

I've seen this, it's very entertaining, the story is linked to the film and is very funny.

Anonymous said...

It's available on youtube if you search for "pixars burn-e"

Grannywitch said...

I LOVE This guy!! It's a joke in my family that I am Wall-E the packrat and my Hubby is Burn-E the disgruntled welder. We wish Disney/Pixar would have merchandised him. We can't find any Burn-E retail items at all.