Thursday, November 13, 2008

NEW ! The Disney and more Amazon Store is now open !

Since i've began my Disney and more blog, i received each week emails from readers asking me if i could do a list of the "best Disney books" available, the kind of beautiful books that any Disney fan would love to read and keep in his private library.

So, i'm happy today to give the requested answer with the opening of the Disney and more Amazon Store. The store have four categories: Disney books, Disney dvd, disney music, and as Christmas is in five weeks from now, i added a toys category.

First, and to make things perfectly clear, when you will buy any of the products listed in the Disney and more Amazon Store, you will NOT order them to me but directly to, just like you do when you go by yourself on the Amazon web site. Everything, all transactions is going through with exactly the same quality of service - it's Amazon who will send your order - and secure payment system.

For each category, you will find the best possible selection of each product. Please note that, as i was publisher, author of the Disneyland Paris book, and absolute lover of beautiful books, the selection i did is, if i can say, "guaranteed" for the quality or the interest of the books listed. In the books category more than 100 books are listed, all the great books about Imagineering and Animation are there, in one simple place and it will save you a lot of research time. I've also selected guide books - specially the "Imagineering field guide" series and some Walt's biographies as i know some of you could be interested by them. I've also added four or five children books, some of them are really well done.

In two words, if you like coming on my blog because of its high quality pictures or artwork, you will love the books i have selected for you, as they're all esthetically gorgeous, and, considering their quality, at very reasonable price.

In the Disney Dvd category you will find the latest Dvd release - like the highly awaited WALL-E Dvd, but also all the Walt Disney Treasures Dvds available - including all those about Disneyland!

The Disney music category has a large selection of memorable Disney CD's including some of Disney broadway musicals - Mary Poppins, The Little mermaid, The lion king, etc...- as well as music from Disneyland.

Also, as i've said above, Christmas is in five weeks, everybody will begin soon Christmas shopping, and some of you may be pleased to find toys at reasonable price. That's why i've included a WALL-E section among the toys available on

Finally, and as i like to be totally honest with my faithful readers, i have to explain you something. Disney and more is a totally free site, and I love to do each day new articles. I like to find great documents, and to do pictorial articles as perfect and beautiful as possible. I know that it may look easy to do, but each big article take between three to four hours - no kidding. But, although it's really daily work it's not at all a problem as i really enjoy doing it - and most of all i really enjoy doing articles that i know YOU will enjoy.

I've never done this blog for money but for pleasure. However in one year and a half, believe it or not, even with the Google and Amazon ads on the right column, i didn't made one cents with Disney and more. Same for the Paypal donation button up there, not one reader ever donate even 2 dollars by Paypal! Now, please none of you must feel guilty, that's not the goal. We are all the same - and i include me - we're all get used to free sites everywhere on internet, and, even if we forget sometime the work which is behind, this free access on all the "memory of the world" is great, absolutely great.

This is also why i've never asked you to "click on the ads" or even more subtly "thank you for your support". Although these coded words are perfectly understood by each of us, i'm always reluctant to do it. And that's why i've created the Disney and more Store. When you will place an order for any product on the store, Amazon Associates will refund a small percentage to Disney and more. For you, it's exactly like when you order directly on Amazon - in fact, as i've said before, you order DIRECTLY to Amazon when you use the D&M store, except that at the same time, you help Disney and more. It don't cost you more, and if you love the blog, it's a nice way to say it.

Thanks by advance to all of you!

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Anonymous said...

I, for one, enjoy reading the articles you post everyday and it's now part of my daily routine. I really appreciate all the time and effort you've put in to this blog. I've gotta say, 585 total posts to date is no small feat! I've learned so much about Disney Imagineering and the Blue Sky process here and I've been collecting all the artwork to use as inspiration for when I can hopefully be a future imagineer. Once I save up a bit more money (already bought a lot of stuff this holiday season, and it's only just begun) I will definitely be buying more books from your Amazon Store. Thanks for putting all the great books that I look for in one simple place; it saves me a lot of time. Once again keep up the great work and keep the beautiful artwork coming!