Sunday, February 8, 2009

LIFE Magazine at Disneyland Special Events : Prince Akihito's visit and 1959 Inauguration

LIFE photographers came also at Disneyland during special events, and today we're going to have a look at two of them: the "state visit" - if i can say - of young Prince Akihito and his wife at Disneyland in September 1960. These rare pictures should specially interest my Japanese readers!

Grey Villet, LIFE photo reporter shoot these picture above of Prince Akihito and his wife on Peter Pan's flight...or riding Autopia. Have a look to the paparazzis on the picture fighting to get a picture of the royal couple!

On this picture the Prince is talking with Walt Disney. Paparazzis are still there, right behind!

One year before, on June 1959, LIFE photographer Ralph Crane was there for the big Disneyland 1959 inauguration. Here is Walt riding to parade bleachers with his grand children.

Some minutes later, Walt Disney, Vice-president Richard Nixon and his family watching the Disneyland parade.

It's the grand opening of the Matterhorn and here is the Swiss ballet!

Richard Nixon and Radio-TV Art Linkletter ( bottom, center ) watching the Matterhorn act at Disneyland.

Same day later, on the opening of the Monorail with Nixon, his wife and daughters, and the scissors that didn't want to cut the ribbon! Remember that funny sequence?

All pictures: copyright TIME - LIFE Magazine


Anonymous said...

never seen pictures of Akihito's visit ! Thank you for that one !

Anonymous said...

The woman next to Art Linkletter is the famous Hollywood gossip coumnist Hedda Hopper. Well known for her outrageous hats. Thus Arts'.
Great pix. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Richard Nixon was never governor of California. He was vice president of the United States in 1959, at the time this photo was taken at Disneyland.