Friday, February 13, 2009

Tokyo Disney Sea Behind the Scenes Videos

You've always dreamed to visit Tokyo Disney Sea? This five-part videos filmed for a TV special by the Travel channel will show you everything of this fantastic park, including interesting behind the scenes shots!

Enjoy the show and have all a great week-end!

Youtube videos: copyright Travel Channel and Disney Parks

Photo: copyright Randie Soul


Anonymous said...

MAN , they did Disneysea before Disney studios in PAris and in Comparison the Disney studios is nothing against this ... thats not fair ^^

Anonymous said...

Disney knows very well that they could never do anything like DSP or DCA in Japan - they openly admit that. "The Japanese are very demanding" - that´s what you always hear from them... Seems we have to get a bit more demanding as well - as long as they can get away with anything, they won´t change a thing.

Anonymous said...

The thing is that Tokyo disneyland belong to the oriental land company, which is a very wealthy company with a lot of money to invest, abd Tokyo Disneyland is very profitable, the japanese spend a lot of money there. Unfortunately Disneyland Paris is not a profitable company, the Walt Disney company invested a lot of money in the first theme park, made a beautiful, sofisticated and original park, unlike the asians magic kingdoms, that were built almost as copies of the american parks, and it almost went bankrupt, they lost a lot of money, so they knew that they could not invest a lot of money on a second theme park in France. The Walt Disney Co., like any other company, needs to be profitable to its shareholders.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, Disney did *not* invest a lot of money in DLP - the park was mainly financed by its (the parks) shareholders and, of course, the French tax payers. One should also consider that Disney Imagineering earned unbelievable sums for their design efforts - that is money that Disney did not spend, but actually earned! Had Disney been willing to invest more of its own money, the park would never have been on the verge of bancruptcy.
I have never understood the shareholder argument - the best way to be profitable is to offer a superior product. OLC seem to understand that simple fact better than Disney. Just look at DCA: Disney wanted to build a cheap park and make a quick buck - and now they have to invest billions of dollars to completely redesign and rebuild the park - it would have been much cheaper to do it right from the start!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could downlaod these somehow. I Negev knew they made a Tokyo disney one.