Monday, February 9, 2009

" Playhouse Disney Live on Stage " will open April 4 at the Walt Disney Studios

There will be plenty of new parades, shows, and only one new attraction this year at DLRP, and it's the "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage". Frankly, personally i consider it as a show, but DLP will "sell" it as an attraction, so, let's say it is one.

It will open at the Walt Disney Studios and very probably will be similar to the one that exist at the Disneyland Resort. The show "will feature characters from four Disney channel programs in one unique story-line" as they say in an article from the cast member magazine "Backstage" that a kind reader sent to me. Here it is below, please click on the image to read the text and discover which characters will appear in the show.

The show is definitely for (very) young children and will be located at the WDS in the Disney Channel building, close to the Stitch Live! attraction. To be kind, let's say that this Playhouse Disney will be one more attraction for children under 7, and God knows that the park desperately need some.

Now, if you don't have any idea how this "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage" look like, here is a three part Youtube video of the DLR show - the one we will have at the WDS should be, as i've said, almost identical. Oh, i've forgot the most important: it's opening at the Walt Disney Studion on April 4!

Photos and "Backstage" article: copyright Disney

Youtube videos: Many thanks to trainboy96

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