Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Disney's California Adventure Games of the Boardwalk

The Disney's California Adventure Games of the Boardwalk have been redesigned and are now open! Here is a video showing them, shoot by the always excellent MintCrocodile.

Please visit MintCrocodile Youtube page for other great videos HERE.

The top picture is from Mice Chat contributor David Michael. David have plenty of other great pictures of these new Games of the boardwalk on Mice Chat HERE.

Video: copyright MintCrocodile

Picture: copyright David Michael


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I will never play a carnival game while at a Disney park. What in the world is Disney thinking.

Alain Littaye said...

I can agree with you, but here the Games of the Boardwalk are "part of the theming". This part of the park - Paradise Pier - is a tribute to the old "boardwalk fun fair" and there is a logic that we find these games at this place.
Now, at least they have a good Disney theming, better than before. And of course Disney is making money out of them as you have to pay to play, just like at the Frontierland Shooting Gallery!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1, shut up and get a life!

Anonymous said...

The theming fits in well, and the detailing and construction is superb.

Anonymous said...

I have to point out the Frontierland Shooting Galleries are carnival games - just very well done and fitting the theme park. Walt even had an Adventureland shooting gallery in Disneyland way back when.

These boardwalk games fit in with the theming well I think, and now are very much more Disney and bring a smile to my face.

If you want to see BAD carnival games in a Disney park, take a look at Hong Kong Disneyland. There, games like 'Captain Hook's Ring Toss' are listed as part of the attractions.

Anonymous said...

#1 here, how many carnival games are at Disney World in Florida? And last time I checked, DW is the number one vacation destination in the world.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the Frontierland Shooting Gallery and the Boardwalk games is the "role" of the guest. The Frontierland Shooting Gallery isn't character driven, so when you step up to shoot you're sort of playing the role of cowboy, personalizing and extending the frontier experience. On the other hand, the Boardwalk games are more just carnival with a character overlay. In this context, the player is "playing a game" (on a boardwalk) rather than "playing a role" (in the wild west). The boardwalk games look great, and the Imagineers did a beautiful job, but until I experience it in person and in context, it just doesn't sit right with me - and what keeps repeating in my mind is Walt's quote about building Disneyland as an alternative to carnival games. However, I will stay wide open to the idea until I visit and will keep the faith that in the end, the new DCA will put this part of the show in context.

Anonymous said...

Si vous avez l'occasion de visiter le musée des arts forains à Bercy village (Paris) - un endroit extraordinaire - vous pourrez voir un exemplaire de la course de chevaux... ça ne date pas d'aujourd'hui !

Nicolas E.