Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New TDL Monsters, Inc. " Ride & Go Seek! " Video

I'm posting today a new TDL Monsters, Inc. "Ride & Go Seek!" Video. The ride will open "officially" April 15. There is so many things happening everywhere in this ride that one video can't show all of it. This one is shorter and only the ride itself was filmed, but you'll see new scenes or on a different angle.

Oh, by the way, the picture above is a wallpaper picture!

Many thanks to shizuho777 for the Youtube video!


Anonymous said...

tres décevant pour une attraction de Tokyo Disneyland...
On dirait le même (ou a peine amélioré) ride de California Adventures. Dommage...
Ce qui est surtout decevant, c'est de voir que ce type de "dark ride" n'evolue pas ou plus vraiment depuis...blanche neige ou pinocchio. Seul celui de Winnie l'ourson (à Tokyo) avec son contrôle satellite avec ses sauts arrive a sortir du lot.

john321 said...

The animatronics in this attraction look awesome and there are tons of it, really great stuff.

The only problem I have with this attraction is that it is in the wrong land, it dilutes the theme of the land even further.

Maybe, in a few years, when the Pixar franchise has grown a bit, they can open up a separate gate at all their parks with all their Pixar stuff in it. If they ever make the big mistake to sell Pixar to some other studio, they can sell their parks with it, without having to rip everything out of their other parks at once ;).