Monday, April 6, 2009

Walt Disney at the Studios !

What a better way to begin the week than with a nice historical pictures article about Walt? The pictures below shows a young Walt, behind the "camera" or at the Studios.

Above, Walt is standing in front of the Walt Disney Productions Studio. Below, a young Walt reading a book called "Cinema".

Some years later, Walt IS behind the camera!

The famous Multiplane camera. For the animated movies, nothing will be the same after it was invented.

These two last pictures shows Walt on the shooting of "The Reluctant Dragon" and are coming from the collection of Mark Sonntag, thanks to the Disney History blog.

I would like to end this article with a GREAT video, a pure tribute to Walt thanks to a clever editing of clips showing Walt in his young years. This montage features home movies and archive footage rarely seen. Don't miss it, it's great!

All pictures and video: copyright Disney

Youtube video: Many thanks to fireurgunz


Brayan Peter said...

It's great post to know about walt disney behind the camera.

Louis said...

Thanks for sharing us about disney!!!

Unknown said...

What a marvelous movie of Walt Disney’s early life. He was truly a genius in his field!!Growing up , I remember longing to go to Disneyland. I finally got there after I was grown & had 2 children of my own!! A dream come true for me!! Thank you, Mr. Disney for making such wonderful dreams come true for so many!