Friday, September 11, 2009

D23 EXPO Special Report by Andy Castro : Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Preview

This next article is all about the Hong Kong Disneyland expansion preview area at D23 EXPO. Andy Castro did a fantastic job with dozens of pictures that will show you everything which is displayed. Don't forget to click on each to see them in big size!

Dozens of renderings - and of course models - of Mystic Manor or Grizzly Trail can be seen in this area and a WDI Imagineer is even there to explain Mystic Manor's story line! Incredible! let's begin by pictures of the model showing the three future lands.

We will have a close look now to Mystic Manor and the good news is that it's a total new attraction! I thought that it would be a re-designed Haunted mansion, but not at all, it's a brand new ride with a new story line, using a different technology for the vehicles, etc...! That's great!

As i told you a WDI Imagineer is here to explain to the visitors Mystic Manor story line with a model showing the full ride. Here he is below, and i found for you a Youtube video that d23live shoot yesterday of this Imagineer explaining what will happen during the ride!

Let's move now to the Grizzly Trail section, and here, too, the Grizzly Mountain coaster is a great attraction with a brand new theming that Imagineers will build at HKDL. Lot of renderings of the scenes and the bears Audio-Animatronics!

Four articles are on line for a full coverage of the D23 Expo 1st day with Andy Castro's fantastic pictures, here are the direct links for each of them: Disney Parks and Resorts area and Cars Land, Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Preview, An Afternoon with Imagineering Legends, The Live Auction Preview. Don't miss them !

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All pictures: copyright Andy Castro and Disney and more

Videos: copyright d23live


Matt said...

Wow - what a great series1 Thanks for providing this for those of us who couldn't attend!

Question: I saw a huge picture of the Mystic Point "mansion" in the background - did your photographer get a shot of it?

Thanks again for these shots - really inspiring stuff!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything on Shaghai at the convention?

Gilad said...

Amazing!! I'm so glad that the mystic manor is a new ride.

Anonymous said...

Those new lands look amazing, but I am dissapointed that Toy Story Playland is not displayed in detail like the other two lands. Would be nice to see it, because Paris is getting this land too for the Studios.
That said, I don't like the whole Toy Story concept, but it would be nice to see something more conrete.

Alain Littaye said...

Sorry, until now nothing about Shanghaî, and i will be surprised if they talk about it.

nojarama said...

Thanks for sharing the story/pics/video! Mystic Manor looks fantastic. It's different enough to the Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor that it could fit into DCA here in California, WDS in Florida and WDS in Paris. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME!! The Mystic Manor looks like an advanced Mansion+Indy+Tokyo tower thing. Grizzly Trail is also fun! I can't wait to try these rides!

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese and I love Disney and Hong Kong
Disneyland, Okay??

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to Mystic Manor!!

robert said...

disney world has huge announced today that new fantasyland is going be huge. that means i giong back to disney world . alian did you hear the news today ?

Wolfgang said...

I am the one who wrote the "anonymous racist comment" - I am sorry it came across as racist, since I know many Chinese persons from HK, and what I wrote was a result of what some of them told me (via e-mail), namely that many (definitely *not* all) Mainland Chinese fail to get what Disney is about, that they behave rudely and do not appreciate the theming etc. I do not know if what I have been told is maybe the result of prejudices or "racist" ideas these people have about people from mainland China (I guess that is possible). I had no intention of sounding racist (what the Chinese gouvernement does or doesn´t is an entirely different matter, but here´s not the place for political discussions). Sorry again!

Levitra said...

well and you put in a previous post a list of ideas for a new Disney's theme parks, and guess what? some of that ideas maybe come true.